Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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11th September 2007
My dear friends and like minded persons

I am feeling discomfort when I observe the on going tendency of total disrespect to fellow human beings. We are living in a so called civilized society where mutual respect and living comforts are expected for a peaceful co-existence. We are expected to be kind hearted towards the less fortunate in society. We have made laws to respect the physically challenged. We have set up homes for mentally retarded. We have created shelters for the aged. We give preference to Ladies and we love children and it is our Culture since centuries. We offer clothing, food etc to the poor and it is an inbuilt tendency of any Indian. We could not give up this tendency even when we were to face several challenges and threats in the past and even when we were subjected to butch.

I am worried about such strong roots of our culture being given up when I see an ambulance carrying a patient on his death bed is not given a way in spite of its repeated signals and siren. The roads are blocked up by two/three/four wheelers. The drivers are deriving sadistic pleasure of shutting down the doors of their ears. Still the drivers try for their own way somehow or the other with an utter disregard to the life in question of a patient in an ambulance.

Which rule framed by us can do wonders, when humanity is dead? We are no less than terrorists, when we show a deaf ear to the siren of an ambulance. This is not our culture and this is not what is taught to us by our ancestors.

We have only three options in front of us, instead of blaming the Government or the fellow drivers. The first option is to educate the drivers and children. Let us start this at our home, let each of us display a notice in our houses mentioning that an AMBULANCE NEED TO BE GIVEN PREFERENCE in the traffic. Siren of an ambulance should by all means be given preference if necessary each of us getting down from our vehicles and paving a way to the ambulance.

The second option is such where Government interference is needed. Each Ambulance driver is given authority to penalize the way blockers by levying a penalty of say Rs.500/- or so. High penalties are considered as utmost best tools in the hands of the Government for enforcement of discipline in many advanced countries even. A penalty causes alertness and it imposes automatic discipline.

The third option is to educate children. A habitual lesson from childhood is expected to mould a better citizen of the future years.

Let us do something.


praghav said...
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praghav said...

It should be taught from childhood- like a proverb- practice makes man perfect. There wouldn't be any such incidents if children and adults practice it.