Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Reforms I Expect in India - The Next Generation- Strategy for next elections

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Camp: USA e mail, web, blog: Cell: 901 592 9130 3rd August 2007
We have comfortably spent sixty years after independence and what has been done, whether it is sufficient, whether it is of quality based, whether that alone could be done, whether people are happy with what has been done…..several such? – answers are left to individuals. Congress party ideals and Communist party ideals differ totally and now both the parties are combindly sharing the power. Well, it is not my concern to know about their ideals strength or they desire to get themselves diluted.
My interest is purely concerned with the progress of MY COUNTRY and my fellow countrymen leading their life peacefully, purposefully, eventfully and I look at the overall growth regaining the past glory.
The general elections are not too far. This is absolutely a strategic time to gain confidence of people for any party, eventually the wind is in the side of Congress Party – being in political power right now, provided it is in a position to deliver the goods from a common man angle. The strategic wave length of a beaurocrat or an adhoc policy of a political combination is not – surely not- going to be a long lasting power point for any one. The forthcoming elections are a question of survival for many political parties.
Certain public needs are to be managed and public cannot be convinced for the overnight assurances in front of elections any more, as was done in the past. Therefore if any party is interested to come with an election agenda or manifesto giving assurances to the public what they are going to do if elected for power, shall become a second rated assurance, particularly this time.
A strong political base is a must in the forthcoming elections if India desires to facelift and show the world its quality manpower resources, economic progress and all round development to retain its position on par with any developed nation. To build up a strong political base, ASSURANCES no longer can help, the approach should be practical, result oriented and goods are sure to be delivered. I can show the Government the ways and means to strengthen their base and do something in practical terms to the Public of the Nation. It is surely a lengthy document and this mailing system will not help me to pen down all that.
I know that 2009-14 term of the Nation is quite crucial one and there are chances – abundant chances, to cover up the sixty years gap and focus ahead with a future plan. This would once for all strengthen the base of any political party in India.
People expectations have increased and now they are both quality based and performance oriented. Some patriotic touch is also a must irrespective of individual gains, personal images, and cheap tricks.
I am a small man from general middle class public and having stayed with utmost rural poor for quite a length of time beyond anybody’s imagination in an un-electrified village, I know their needs and I know what they are looking for. Let us not ignore the poor a d less fortunate, let us build up a healthy POLITICAL STRONG BASE FOR THE COUNTRY IN THE FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS.
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

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