Sunday, August 5, 2007

Holy Cow - undesirable cover page

Dr P V Sesha Sai
Phone 901 592 9130
15th June 2007

The Broad Way Books

Dear Sir

I have seen the front cover page of HOLY COW book published by you written by Sarah Macdonald in a book shop yesterday in Memphis, USA. Soon after returning back home, I reached your website and started searching for the details. I could not go through the book since I could not get it immediately.

But as a worshipper of Lord Shiva my sentiments are hurt due to your printing of the cover page with Lord Shiva wearing a black colored spectacle. This is the worst of it and you are not supposed to make fun of Hindu Lords in this fashion, whatever is the praise for India or its culture inside the book. It obviously speak that the publisher and the writer desired to make fun of Hindu Lords. Perhaps the publisher or the writer can not dare doing this with any Lords of other religions.

It is totally bad and I am marking copies to all my friends to go through your website and the book cover page, while requesting you to withdraw all the books from the book shops and reprint the cover page duly respecting the Hindu Gods, respecting our sentiments.

A fairly educated person shall not resort to belittling others, more so, a publisher.

Yours truly
DR P V SESHA SAI – holy cow by Sarah MacDonald

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