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Hindu Mandir Executive Committee of USA & Meeting of BSNA

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Vice President-WORLD BRAHMIN ORGANIZATION : Camp USA e mail BlogSpot web Phone 901 592 9130 15th August 2007
My dear friends and likeminded persons
Dr Umesh Shuklaji invited me to attend the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference organized by Vishwa Hindu parishad of USA which was held at New Jersey from 10th August to 12th August 2007. Representatives of 120 temples plus of USA attended and a good number of Swamijis too. In the overcrowded hall, a number of resolutions were passed and I have particularly referred myself to the youth program. The next generation demanded for proper recognition of their capacities and somehow during the overheated discussions, the next generation people tried to blame their parents for insisting to upkeep the Indian Tradition. They went up to the stage of saying that their parents are responsible for bringing them to USA and only on account of their parents coming to USA, the younger generation were forced to remain under the influence of the foreign tendency.
It was my turn to interfere to say that their parents entered USA due to the then prevailing conditions in India and it was not their intention to dilute the traditional values, but surely it was their intention to create the best educational opportunities to their children. A great amount of sacrifice was existed when their parents preferred USA. Any way either in USA or India, none would prefer guiding for diluting the traditional values and it is not proper on the part of the children to give up the same or disrespect the Hindu system of life just for the reason of their stay in USA.
There were other points too which I shared with the representatives of VHP and it was in the following manner
1) Since the temple are growing only now and it is in their initial stage, temple executives should not encourage saivism or vaishanvism or some such branches and should not also encourage the divisions and sub-divisions for the mean interest of personal images of some Swamijis.
2) All temples should educate the devotees or should circulate literature that all Gods of Hindu Religion are one and devotees should develop respect towards the branches of the religion instead of disowning some Hindu Gods and other branches.
3) Every Saturday and Sunday, all temples should conduct chanting of both Shri Lalitha Sahasranaama and Shri Vishnu Sahasranaama on a day of their convenience OR they should encourage the devotees to chant either of them on Saturday and the other on Sunday.
4) I have assured them that I am prepared to collect the literature on different languages of each temple need and send them for distribution free of cost on behalf of WORLD BRAHMAN ORGANISATION. I requested them to place an indent on need base.
5) I have also requested the temple authorities to insist the Swamijis and the Visitors from India while entertaining any program in the temple that the visitor should convey a message that all HINDU RELIGION LORDS ARE EQUAL and all of them should be equally placed.
6) I have further requested the temple authorities to collect data relating to economically backward people coming from India and staying in their command area, and who are suffering here for some reason or the other. They should also maintain a list so that those who can afford can adopt them and support them on need base.
HH Shri Viswayogi Viswamji of Guntur attended the concluding session and passed on a message that all of should strive for Viswa Shanthi and Unity seeking peace and purposeful living.
The Next Program of the day by Brahman Samaj of North America (BSNA)
After the conclusion of the HMEC, I visited the house of Dr Umesh Shuklaji where he arranged a meeting of a good number of members of Brahman Samaj of North America (BSNA) and each of us shared our views.
I was given an opportunity by the New Jersey Chapter of BSNA to give a three hour long discourse on the “Scientific Application of Indian Traditional Systems” for the benefit of all and particularly of younger generation. Dr Umesh Shukla and Mrs Shukla arranged for a nice dinner and the meeting thus concluded while every member dedicatedly confirming that they would stand for the Unity of all.
I am making preparation for leaving to India as scheduled for meeting of Brahman associations in different parts of India.
I shall be back again soon. Yours Affectionately HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAAJI

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