Friday, August 3, 2007

Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram Committee

Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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27th April 2007
My dear friends and like minded persons

Reg: Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram – Committee for the year

The Committee for organizing the matters relating to the Kshetram is formed with the following persons as office bearers. Smt Padmavathy, the Managing Trustee of the Aanandaashramam shall remain as over all in-charge for the conduct of the day to day affairs of the Kshetram.

Shri Mohan Reddy Former MLA and Former Chairman APSRTC – PRESIDENT
Shri V V K Mohan, Philosopher - Vice President
Shri Achutarao, Engineer and Architect - Vice President
Shri B Prabhakar, Auditor - Vice President
Smt Satyalakshmi, - Secretary
Shri Srinivasa Rao - Member
Shri P S R Sastry - Member
Shri Narayana, Vijayawada - Member
Shri Harish Goyal - Member
Smt Deepa Kapil - Member
Shri Tarun Juneja - Member
Shri Narayana Rao -Office Manager

The following members shall constitute the advisory committee
Smt Jayaprada Srinadha Rao
Smt Prabha Sri Ramachandra Murthy
Smt Manjula Bheem Shankar Rao
Chi Maruti Rama Raghava

This Committee will remain in action for the Sarwajit Naama Samvat and promote the activities of the Kshetram keeping in view of the community development actions planned for. This is for the information of all.


praghav said...

I am honored today.

Aswamedhayaaji said...

I normally address all as "Chiranjeevis". This literally means - long life. How is it when a person is blessed by God only to have a limited life span of say a hundred or seventy years or so. I am not at fault by addressing "Chiranjeevis" and I desire to make it clear though Lord granted only a limited physical life and it is restricted to something seventy years or so, we can extend our life span and remain in the hearts of people as "Chiranjeevis" by virtue of our deeds. You can see even today George Washington is remembered and Engineer Hoovar too and hundreds of such people who have done excellently during their short span of physical life and still in hearts even today. I wish all those whom I addres as "Chiranjeevis" to lead such a life and live long - forever. Dr P V Sesha Sai