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The Reforms I Expect in India - Politically Religious Interference

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Camp : USA, e mail, blog, web cell 901 592 9130 17th August 2007
It is really an unfortunate situation in India that when once a person is elected to Political power, he or she considers himself or herself as the supreme and therefore they can enforce their personal interests on the entire population of the country and lead the public to the “mean” goals set for themselves during their tenure in the office. They forget that India is a secular country and people of different religions are the proud children of the country.
In the recent past, as per the news paper reports, wife of a Political leader and head of a state started campaigning for a Religion along with other family members. She has conveniently forgotten that she is the wife of a leader of the state heading a secular state. This is a very bad situation and it is unfortunate we have such inferior cadre of leaders amongst us who utterly disrespect the spirit of secularism and pave a way to a religious fight. They have also forgotten the oath they had, while assuming the office.
We are fortunate, the former Presidents of the country did not make a way for conversion into Islam, nor did they involve themselves in any way to propagate Islam. We must salute their commitment to the Oath in this regard.
If religion starts ruling the country, it might have lead to many communal riots. Nothing matters to respect his own or her own religion and it is surely a private affair where none can interfere. But when it comes to the position, there should not be such disastrous statements, undesirable religious campaign, unwanted creation of a confusion and thereupon conversion to other religions. Every one elected to a Power or heading the state or the Centre must refrain from such practices.
Religion is an individual choice and it depends on individual liking or otherwise. A Statement from the Political head or his family members is nothing but mis-utilisation of political power.
We cannot go back to the past and say that India should remain as a Hindu State only. Whether we like or otherwise, wars took place, other religions entered into the country and at this stage we have no option than to co-exist creating a friendly atmosphere. We cannot afford sacrificing lives for a communal war. We elect people to upkeep this tendency and not for a butchery.
It is time all of us collectively look at choosing political leaders who does not go for “mean” matters and resort to cheap tactics to win the hearts of a person of their choice, involving themselves in religious propaganda while in office, heading a Government. I fear, nothing could possibly be done at this awful stage to modify the constitution or change the Laws in this direction, but a day should be there where people of the country choose a “quality” based and I am sure we have at least a few amongst us who can deliver the goods x

Thursday, August 16, 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

World Brahman Organisation meeting on 26th and 27th May 2007

Photo of BSNA meeting held on 12th August 2007

Hindu Mandir Executive Committee of USA & Meeting of BSNA

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Vice President-WORLD BRAHMIN ORGANIZATION : Camp USA e mail BlogSpot web Phone 901 592 9130 15th August 2007
My dear friends and likeminded persons
Dr Umesh Shuklaji invited me to attend the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference organized by Vishwa Hindu parishad of USA which was held at New Jersey from 10th August to 12th August 2007. Representatives of 120 temples plus of USA attended and a good number of Swamijis too. In the overcrowded hall, a number of resolutions were passed and I have particularly referred myself to the youth program. The next generation demanded for proper recognition of their capacities and somehow during the overheated discussions, the next generation people tried to blame their parents for insisting to upkeep the Indian Tradition. They went up to the stage of saying that their parents are responsible for bringing them to USA and only on account of their parents coming to USA, the younger generation were forced to remain under the influence of the foreign tendency.
It was my turn to interfere to say that their parents entered USA due to the then prevailing conditions in India and it was not their intention to dilute the traditional values, but surely it was their intention to create the best educational opportunities to their children. A great amount of sacrifice was existed when their parents preferred USA. Any way either in USA or India, none would prefer guiding for diluting the traditional values and it is not proper on the part of the children to give up the same or disrespect the Hindu system of life just for the reason of their stay in USA.
There were other points too which I shared with the representatives of VHP and it was in the following manner
1) Since the temple are growing only now and it is in their initial stage, temple executives should not encourage saivism or vaishanvism or some such branches and should not also encourage the divisions and sub-divisions for the mean interest of personal images of some Swamijis.
2) All temples should educate the devotees or should circulate literature that all Gods of Hindu Religion are one and devotees should develop respect towards the branches of the religion instead of disowning some Hindu Gods and other branches.
3) Every Saturday and Sunday, all temples should conduct chanting of both Shri Lalitha Sahasranaama and Shri Vishnu Sahasranaama on a day of their convenience OR they should encourage the devotees to chant either of them on Saturday and the other on Sunday.
4) I have assured them that I am prepared to collect the literature on different languages of each temple need and send them for distribution free of cost on behalf of WORLD BRAHMAN ORGANISATION. I requested them to place an indent on need base.
5) I have also requested the temple authorities to insist the Swamijis and the Visitors from India while entertaining any program in the temple that the visitor should convey a message that all HINDU RELIGION LORDS ARE EQUAL and all of them should be equally placed.
6) I have further requested the temple authorities to collect data relating to economically backward people coming from India and staying in their command area, and who are suffering here for some reason or the other. They should also maintain a list so that those who can afford can adopt them and support them on need base.
HH Shri Viswayogi Viswamji of Guntur attended the concluding session and passed on a message that all of should strive for Viswa Shanthi and Unity seeking peace and purposeful living.
The Next Program of the day by Brahman Samaj of North America (BSNA)
After the conclusion of the HMEC, I visited the house of Dr Umesh Shuklaji where he arranged a meeting of a good number of members of Brahman Samaj of North America (BSNA) and each of us shared our views.
I was given an opportunity by the New Jersey Chapter of BSNA to give a three hour long discourse on the “Scientific Application of Indian Traditional Systems” for the benefit of all and particularly of younger generation. Dr Umesh Shukla and Mrs Shukla arranged for a nice dinner and the meeting thus concluded while every member dedicatedly confirming that they would stand for the Unity of all.
I am making preparation for leaving to India as scheduled for meeting of Brahman associations in different parts of India.
I shall be back again soon. Yours Affectionately HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAAJI

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Reforms I Expect in India - The Next Generation- Strategy for next elections

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Camp: USA e mail, web, blog: Cell: 901 592 9130 3rd August 2007
We have comfortably spent sixty years after independence and what has been done, whether it is sufficient, whether it is of quality based, whether that alone could be done, whether people are happy with what has been done…..several such? – answers are left to individuals. Congress party ideals and Communist party ideals differ totally and now both the parties are combindly sharing the power. Well, it is not my concern to know about their ideals strength or they desire to get themselves diluted.
My interest is purely concerned with the progress of MY COUNTRY and my fellow countrymen leading their life peacefully, purposefully, eventfully and I look at the overall growth regaining the past glory.
The general elections are not too far. This is absolutely a strategic time to gain confidence of people for any party, eventually the wind is in the side of Congress Party – being in political power right now, provided it is in a position to deliver the goods from a common man angle. The strategic wave length of a beaurocrat or an adhoc policy of a political combination is not – surely not- going to be a long lasting power point for any one. The forthcoming elections are a question of survival for many political parties.
Certain public needs are to be managed and public cannot be convinced for the overnight assurances in front of elections any more, as was done in the past. Therefore if any party is interested to come with an election agenda or manifesto giving assurances to the public what they are going to do if elected for power, shall become a second rated assurance, particularly this time.
A strong political base is a must in the forthcoming elections if India desires to facelift and show the world its quality manpower resources, economic progress and all round development to retain its position on par with any developed nation. To build up a strong political base, ASSURANCES no longer can help, the approach should be practical, result oriented and goods are sure to be delivered. I can show the Government the ways and means to strengthen their base and do something in practical terms to the Public of the Nation. It is surely a lengthy document and this mailing system will not help me to pen down all that.
I know that 2009-14 term of the Nation is quite crucial one and there are chances – abundant chances, to cover up the sixty years gap and focus ahead with a future plan. This would once for all strengthen the base of any political party in India.
People expectations have increased and now they are both quality based and performance oriented. Some patriotic touch is also a must irrespective of individual gains, personal images, and cheap tricks.
I am a small man from general middle class public and having stayed with utmost rural poor for quite a length of time beyond anybody’s imagination in an un-electrified village, I know their needs and I know what they are looking for. Let us not ignore the poor a d less fortunate, let us build up a healthy POLITICAL STRONG BASE FOR THE COUNTRY IN THE FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS.
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

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Herbal Curres -2

Dr P V Sesha Sai
235, Federal Row Dr # 201

13th June 2007

Detox Menu Plan

Processed foods and harmful chemicals in our environment cause stress to Human body. Toxicity of synthetic pesticides undermines the health. Incidentally we have no other go than to allow such toxins to enter blood stream effecting brain function, mood and energy level. It also causes secondary immune and bio chemical reactions. Our digestive tract has the highest amount of immune activity of any area in the human body, making the detoxification process a natural way in the day to day life.

However, it is to be remembered that DILUTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION FOR POLLUTION. Flushing toxins with the fluids are considered as very much ideal for today’s human life.

The following are some tips:-

1) Take at least two glasses of fresh water preferably filtered and if possible one glass of water with a half lemon squeezed into it. This shall be the first ever exercise soon after getting up from the bed.
2) One fruit at room temperature at the breakfast time to be chewed well to be followed by a bowl of cooked whole grain adding a spoon or two of butter.
3) Between 10.00.a.m and 3.00p.m, it is essential to take a cup or two of veggie water adding a little sea salt.
4) During lunch, one or two medium bowls of various streamed vegetables like potatoes, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage etc., which has to be chewed well.
5) Dinner is also suggested in the similar fashion
6) Tea is suggested in between one or two times to refresh oneself but purely herbal teas like Chamomile, peppermint or blends etc.

It is likely that one may feel a little weak in the first two or three days of this application process, but by 3rd or 4th day one may feel like adjusted and comfortable.

Dr P V Sesha Sai

Herbal Cures-1

Dr P V Sesha Sai
235, Federal Row Dr # 201

13th June 2007

Wonder plants of Nature - Part I

This plant is a boon granted by the Lord to Human beings. It is called in literal terms as Goose Berry. It contains all five tastes excepting one saltiest taste. The tree goes for flowering in the month of November and December and bears fruits in the month of January or February. The fruits of this plant each weigh around 50 grams. Jam is prepared out of this or it is also used in some parts of Asian countries as a pickle.

March is the best month for collection of these fruits when this contains additional medicinal values as per ancient research literature available. One of the great Indian Sages discovered this and the jam is popularly known as Chyavanpraash. People live long using this jam – all hale and healthy, free from ailments.

Interesting it is, even the oil prepared out of this fruit is capable of protecting healthy hair and its natural color. Application of this oil helped in curing dandruff, headache, itches etc. in many cases. It is popularly known as Bringaamalaka Oil.

The fruits can be preserved in their fresh form year long also, in spite of the fact that it is a seasonal fruit.

No absolute side effects are found in the application of this natural herb in any form of its use.

Dr P V Sesha Sai

Holy Cow - undesirable cover page

Dr P V Sesha Sai
Phone 901 592 9130
15th June 2007

The Broad Way Books

Dear Sir

I have seen the front cover page of HOLY COW book published by you written by Sarah Macdonald in a book shop yesterday in Memphis, USA. Soon after returning back home, I reached your website and started searching for the details. I could not go through the book since I could not get it immediately.

But as a worshipper of Lord Shiva my sentiments are hurt due to your printing of the cover page with Lord Shiva wearing a black colored spectacle. This is the worst of it and you are not supposed to make fun of Hindu Lords in this fashion, whatever is the praise for India or its culture inside the book. It obviously speak that the publisher and the writer desired to make fun of Hindu Lords. Perhaps the publisher or the writer can not dare doing this with any Lords of other religions.

It is totally bad and I am marking copies to all my friends to go through your website and the book cover page, while requesting you to withdraw all the books from the book shops and reprint the cover page duly respecting the Hindu Gods, respecting our sentiments.

A fairly educated person shall not resort to belittling others, more so, a publisher.

Yours truly
DR P V SESHA SAI – holy cow by Sarah MacDonald

Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram - sevas

Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
Phones 91-40-27661613 (Tele-fax), 65581368 Cell 9440422613, 9908570347
17th April 2007

My dear friends and like minded persons

I remember to have conveyed to you all about the activities in the temple complex “Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram” in Gurramguda village and the developments which we are continuing with, in the context of Socio-spiritual service.

Today, I take it, as my pleasure to write to you about the first ever Ketu Planet birthday having been performed in the temple along with the Stars Aswini, Makha and Moola. This planet birthday is taken into account as per the Skaanda Purana. We prayed Lord to grant all of us peace and happiness and performed Abhishekam with White seeds called as “Ulavalu”. Roga Nivarana Sookta, Bhagya Sookta, Neela Sookta, Bhoo Sookta, Rudra Sookta, Sri Sookta, Purusha Sookta and Durga Sookta – vedic orders are used for worship. Incidentally it is also associated with Maasa Shivarathri.

We request you all to join this Holy temple where regular activities will take place for the benefit of all of us. A suggestion has come to introduce payment of a sum of Rs.365/ (a rupee per day) so that prayers are offered in the name of the donor as per the date of his choice. Maasa Sivarathri worship etc are also indicated to all of you, however the same is once again repeated for your information and with a request to use the opportunity.

You are requested to send a cheque in the name of BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM payable at Hyderabad preferably giving the details such as birth day etc., birth star. Offering of Cow or its equivalent or its food material is also accepted. Under this a cow is fed either at Naimisharanya, or at Varanasi, or at Doodheswar Nath Mutt, or at Ayodhya. The donors can offer food material or cost of Cow (no specific amount) itself by sending amount of their choice so that their wish is executed from Hyderabad through Aanandaashramam.

The Twenty seven stars and the planets birth days are indicated for the year along with specific dates so that any one of you can participate either directly or otherwise.
Planet Related Stars Birth day Permanent One time
Pooja cost cost
(Life Long)

Jupiter Punarvasu,Viskha
Poorvabhadra 15.05.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Mars Mrigasira, Chitta
Dhanishta 11.08.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Venus Pubba, Porvashada
Bharani 25.08.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Rahu Ardra, Swathi

Satataara 10.10.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Moon Rohini, Hasta
Sravana 20.11.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Mercury Ashlesha, Jyestha
Revathi 16.12.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Saturn Pushyami, Anuradha
Uttarabhadra 30.01.08 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Sun Krittika, Uttara
Uttarashada 13.02.08 Rs.5116 Rs.501

This apart the following sevas are also offered on specific important dates of the year. Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Doorva Pooja – once in a month-----For generations @ 12 days in a year Rs.5116/ & one time Rs.116. Maasa Shivarathri Abhishekams – 12 in a year -For Generations Rs.10116 & one time 116/

Sankara Jayanthi on 21.04.07; Hanumad Jayanthi on 12.05.07; Naaga Panchami /Garuda Panchami on 17.08.07 ; Shri Krishna Janma Ashtami on 4.09.07; Saraswathi Pooja on 17.10.07; Mahojna Ekadasi on 22.10.07; Dhanalakshmi Pooja on 9.11.07; Ksherabdi Dwaadasi on 21.11.07; Sri Subrahmanya Shasti on 15.12.07; Radha Saptami on 13.02.08 --------------Each one Pooja for generations is costing only Rs.2516/ and one time is Rs.351/. Vinayaka Chaturdhi with Havan – Cost for generations Rs.6116/ and one time cost for one year Rs.1116/ ; Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival for generations with construction of Holy Gate – Cost for generations Rs.3516/ and one time cost Rs.516/; Sri Devi Navarathrulu for nine days – cost for generations – Rs10116/ and one time cost Rs.1116/.

Please make use of these options and build up this Kshetram with a view to build up a SOCIO – SPIRITUAL CENTRE. You may send DD/Chq favoring “SHRI BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM” payable at Hyderabad. Kindly note that this is only an informative letter and not a propaganda campaign. Let us march ahead helping the less fortunate in the society. This is a cost to cost exercise with a view to provide an affordable range. Prasadam will be sent to the address of the person needing the seva.


Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram - Rs.1 a day

Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
Phones 91-40-27661613 (Tele-fax), 65581368 Cell 9440422613, 9908547347
17th April 2007

My dear friends and like minded persons

I take this as my privilege to send the Holy Prasad relating to Ujjain Mahaakaal and of our recent visit to Kanyakumari, Madurai and Arunachalam etc. places. May Lord grant you all peace and happiness and we hopefully believe that our prayers for your welfare and welfare of the Society, yields desired results.

Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram is a Socio-Spiritual centre and we are dedicated to support the less fortunate in the society. We are celebrating the birth days of all the nine planets and this year calendar of events is in the enclosed pamphlet.

In addition to what has been mentioned in the pamphlet, we desire to serve you at Rs.1 per day i.e. please arrange to send Rs.365/ in the form of cheque or DD and select a day of your choice in this year, may this be your birth day or that of your kith and kin, or may be a well remembering day. We will offer prayers on your behalf on that day and send the prasadam to you through courier.

Please strengthen our hands to build up a healthy society through this centre. A library, a blood donation system, eye donation system, available medical facilities are already put on their path. A small water shelter for this summer, a bird shelter is also commenced. We are exhausted financially and we need support. Please look into the possibilities and share with us your rich ideas and resources to the extent they are permitted.

I look forward to receive a reply from you.

Yours truly,

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

The Reforms I Expect in India - Banking Reforms

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Camp: Memphis USA, e mail, web, blog Cell 901 592 9130 4th August 2007
The Reforms I Expect in India – Banking Reforms
When I thought of writing on “Banking Reforms” I only thought of the apex bank – the controlling bank, Reserve Bank of India. It is not only a controlling bank, but also a friend, philosopher and guide to the Nation and also to the Banking Industry. As a parent organization, the failures in the banking industry are to be necessarily to be owned by it.
In the recent past several banks in the cooperative sectors failed utterly and the depositors are virtually standing on the roads – for the simplest mistake they did – they trusted the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation which is at the nose of RBI and which assures payment of a lakh of rupees in the event of any bank failure. I really wonder as to why the RBI could not realize and understand that a depositor is the back bone of any bank. Safeguarding their interest is of utmost primary importance for the survival of any bank. Unfortunately creditors are well protected than the depositors.
The depositors provide the financial strength to any bank to lend and make profits. I do not understand why DICGC or RBI fail to arrange for payment of a lakh of rupees maximum guaranteed amount to the deposits when once any bank fails. What is the fun of the depositors going round the creditors with whom they have no absolute concern. This really happened in many cases. Time to time monitoring of the credit portfolio of any bank, conducting audits, making enquiries, obtaining public opinion and all such are the duties of RBI.
Only when RBI fails in its duties, banks in any sector fail. RBI has also the watch dog business in the Banking sector. How and why poor, innocent depositors are dragged onto the roads for the gross negligence of RBI, is a matter worth discussing now. Why at all the RBI displays in every bank a notice to the effect that every deposit is guaranteed to the extent of a lakh of rupees when it does not honor its guarantee? How many such settlements were made when banks failed? Why RBI – the controlling machinery could not smell the failure or mismanagement of a bank well in advance? Any answer from RBI – perhaps NO.
Many small depositors gave up their lives and many girls could not be married due to non availability of funds on time; many small young children could not further their studies due to blocking up of saved funds of small depositors. These are all facts and RBI is aware of this. These mistakes are to be owned by RBI
If RBI is not in a position to upkeep its guarantee for refunding of the depositors money as promised, what fun it is to write a promise on a currency note which has basically no value in these circumstances.
Another interesting child of RBI is Banking Ombudsman. I have seen banks not at all responding to the letters, notices of Banking Ombudsman. It is a puppet creation, perhaps, an eyewash organization created by RBI. I do not know what powers this particular set up has, to take any action against any bank. It is a feather of the same bird and nothing much can be expected of it.
Today we have another problem – a totally different problem and the most important point now is, many foreign banks have entered the banking sector of India and are competing with the banks of Indian origin. The competition is in such a cut throat way, RBI has become a silent spectator.
I really wonder as to how a bank can take a decision for granting of lakhs and lakhs of rupees loan in a few seconds and why are they permitted to allure public in such a fashion and why at all did RBI is watching all this and taking it for granted. Does RBI not aware that it is public money and any bank cannot play with public money in such a fashion?. A decent publicity that any loan does take a few days time for processing and finalization is most welcome than giving a publicity as if the doors are open for the public to carry public money just like that. Is it not the duty of RBI to resist such alluring ads?
At least now, it is time for RBI to reassure public that the deposits are guaranteed up to a lakh of rupees and in the event of any bank’s failure, the amount up to the assured sum would be refunded within a specific period of time, say, three months from the day of failure of the bank.
The second point is resisting all banks to go for undesirable publicity in such a manner that the depositors feel that their saving or investment is casually spent by the banks. In the absence of a proper assurance, people prefer other sectors other than investment in banks which would lead to many other problems to the Nation.
In the recent past, after the failure of RBI to repay the deposit the amount as per guarantee terms, people preferred to invest their surplus in the unorganized/speculative/unhealthy money market – like local chit fund companies etc. many of which have over a period of time turned their boards. The money in the non banking sector is resulting into inflationary trend. Some investments have gone to stock markets, some to Gold market, and some to real estate business, thus we find an upward trend in all these sectors within the past few years – in addition to global market changes.
A deposit in a bank is helping the priority sectors/ neglected sectors in the society, as per the action plan envisaged and this helps the sectoral deployment of credit to support overall plan of a country. Whereas the flow of money into speculative markets, gold markets etc is, in no way helpful to any neglected sectors where support is essential. The other danger in diversion of funds from banking sector to the other sectors is that it amounts to growth of black money, as people do not prefer to declare their profits and legitimately pay the taxes on it. The undisclosed or hidden purchasing power in the hands of public is the main cause for the inflationary trend in the Country. This has created a big gap between rich and poor, for, rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorest. A danger is ahead of us where a revolutionary check makes us all victims.
Therefore, it is necessary for the RBI to retain public confidence on its policies.
The banking ombudsman’s powers also should be increased to such a level that his position should be delinked from RBI. No officer of any Bank should be given this position as they get influenced to take any decision. A third party – totally independent from the influence of RBI, preferably a retired bank officer – a senior officer, be appointed as a Banking Ombudsman and sufficient powers be given to him to decide the cases. He should have powers to summon even any Bank Chief Executive if needed. Sufficient overall controlling powers alone can make the position of a banking ombudsman respectful and useful to the public.
All cases referred to Banking Ombudsman should also be settled within a time framework of say, three months. This time restriction will help the public that a timely justice is very much assured and anticipated.
This is also a fact that some of the banks – particularly the banks of recent origin, have adopted unfair practices of sending goondaas etc. for recovery of the dues. This speaks that the banks have no faith in judicial system or other remedial methods. They only believe this uncivilized, aged old, practice of unethical banking just to upkeep their recovery. Is it not a shameful act?. It shows the poor administrative capacities of RBI. Why can’t a law be made on par with Revenue Recovery Act granting powers to any bank to recover their monies in times of difficulty? This would have been more a fair deal than observing silence to the unethical acts of the banks.
The growth which is seen in the banking sector is nothing but a paradoxical error for the reason whether banks try for increase of deposits or not, the interest earned/accrued on the deposits is accounted every half year as a deposit only thereby giving a boost to the deposits. Though there is growth in real cash deposits, it is surely not according to the investment capacities of public as the money is flowing out to other markets. This is evidently seen due to flatness of the rates compared to last three years.
It is quite difficult for RBI to administer all this in a vast country like India with multi-dimensional problems, but at least something should be done as per the expectations of the public and to retain its image. If RBI’s image is lost, Rupee image is also lost and then what?................................Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Reforms I Expect in India - The Next Generation

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji 235, Federal Row Dr # 201, COLLIERVILLE TN 38017 USA e mail, web, 31st July 2007
The Reforms I expect in India – The next Generation (Telephone Revenue)
The value of a paisa - unfortunate coins of India from Rs.1 and below, made me to write this. A cent is considered as a valuable unit in USA and not only that, even still decimals of a cent are considered as of much value. The coins are minted in large quantities and it is increasing year by year in USA, to the best of my knowledge.
Long back I remember to have seen a Paisa – the 100th of a Rupee, and there were 2,5,10,20,25,50 paisa coins and this was perhaps when there was some value for all this. I do not think even these coins are minted now a days. Interestingly even beggars do not accept less than an Rs.2 coin and Rs.1 is not being considered as a valuable unit of measure and this is the practical position. This position is nothing new to any Indian. Knowing all this fully well, why the Government puts up some improper regulations in an irregular and impracticable manner, remains to be an unsolved question when all this needs a simple commonsense.
The purpose of my writing all this is simply linked to the tariff of a phone call in telephone booths throughout the country. I believe (I presume that the tariff is something like Rs.1.32ps) Rs.1.32 paisa or so is the minimum tariff for a phone call. I do not really understand as to why the Government keeps a fancy of maintaining an odd charge for such an important public need. I believe that at least a fifty lakhs calls are made in these public booths throughout the country on any day, on an average.
I started analyzing the subject. No booth owner accept Rs.1.32paise religiously, for the simple reason, neither he keeps such a change, nor the customer carries such odd change, nor such change is useful for both of them in any manner outside. Perhaps, if any one wishes to observe strict discipline and carry a change that suits a call, the booth owner unhesitatingly demands a minimum of Rs.2 and makes fun of our sincerity. Thus, a consumer is forced to pay Rs.2 the next immediately acceptable coin beyond Rs.1/ - and the difference of Rs.0.68ps or so, goes to the pocket of the Booth owner.
If the Government is a little wise in its tariff, say, if it charges Rs.2/ per call and make the tariff in round sums of a rupee, the amount which goes to the pocket of the booth owner straight goes into the revenue pooling of the Government and the consumer is nothing to lose additionally. Assuming for a while that the Government is getting at a rate of Rs.0.40ps per call from a consumer beyond what they are charging today, on an average, that would be Rs.20 lakhs of rupees a day and it is something like 72 crores of rupees revenue a year – may be something more if accurate statistics are available.
It is time for the Government to think of this wisely and it is advisable for the Government to implement such systems which are practicable and possible in real life. Some logical and practical approach will be beneficial to the Government in enforcing its policies. Dr P V. Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram Committee

Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
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27th April 2007
My dear friends and like minded persons

Reg: Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram – Committee for the year

The Committee for organizing the matters relating to the Kshetram is formed with the following persons as office bearers. Smt Padmavathy, the Managing Trustee of the Aanandaashramam shall remain as over all in-charge for the conduct of the day to day affairs of the Kshetram.

Shri Mohan Reddy Former MLA and Former Chairman APSRTC – PRESIDENT
Shri V V K Mohan, Philosopher - Vice President
Shri Achutarao, Engineer and Architect - Vice President
Shri B Prabhakar, Auditor - Vice President
Smt Satyalakshmi, - Secretary
Shri Srinivasa Rao - Member
Shri P S R Sastry - Member
Shri Narayana, Vijayawada - Member
Shri Harish Goyal - Member
Smt Deepa Kapil - Member
Shri Tarun Juneja - Member
Shri Narayana Rao -Office Manager

The following members shall constitute the advisory committee
Smt Jayaprada Srinadha Rao
Smt Prabha Sri Ramachandra Murthy
Smt Manjula Bheem Shankar Rao
Chi Maruti Rama Raghava

This Committee will remain in action for the Sarwajit Naama Samvat and promote the activities of the Kshetram keeping in view of the community development actions planned for. This is for the information of all.