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13th June 2007

My dear friends and like minded persons
I love my India as much every one loves their country. I too love other countries since culture of my land taught how to love each and every living and non living being and there fore I do not know what to and how to hate or what to dislike. I see Lord in many personalities in every country who worked for the well being of their Nation and their countrymen.

However my eyes brows are up, my chest remain expanded, my eyes filled up with tears of joy when someone praises my piece of land.

Romain Rolland – a French Scholar said “ if there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India” .

Max Mueller – a German Scholar said “ If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life and has found solutions, I should point to India”.

Albert Einstein said “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”.

Will Durant – American Historian said “India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s language;: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self Government and democracy; Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all”.

Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA Said “India conquered and dominated China Culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border”.

Keith Bellows, National Geographic Society Said “….India is such a place, when I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land………….I had been seeing the world in Black & White and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant Technicolor”.

Mark Twain said “ India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of the history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of the tradition, our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man treasured up in India only”..

Oh! How fortunate I am, having been born on the sacred piece of land?. Now, what is that we – my brothers and sisters from India, can - all of us do for up-keeping the values noticed by many scholars and how best we all can strive to retain the praise of these great personalities?


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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13th March 2007

As usual Government is making preparations for printing of school books for the forthcoming new academic year and there are arguments and counter arguments today in the news paper. I am observing a number of school going children and small kids driving motor cycles with a high speed enjoying the craze of the speed and thus resulting into accidents. I have also observed a number of children and aged too spitting on the road and using public places as toilets wherever they desire irrespective of the sanctity of the place and this is a common seen while law protecting force remain themselves in a state of silent audience. Probably this is in an irreparable state as is seen today. In most of the apartment complexes we find red patches on the walls particularly at lift points and wall corners. Perhaps nothing can be done to educate the grown at this stage, but surely something can be done over a period of time if we start dedicatedly educating the forthcoming generations from now on. This is nothing to do with the vote bank politics and the Government and the administration should feel happy about this, instead of letting the matters to go on their own leaving the image of the country to its fate.

Now my suggestion is only that a new syllabus to be introduced in all the text books for all classes particularly relating to traffic rules, road signals, driving methods, usage of the vehicles beyond sound and atmosphere pollution, optimum utilization of the fuel and its methods etc. This will help children to know the road rules and respecting the law besides helping the Nation to control pollution. It is a common seen on the road, when children use horns at an extreme level with all impatience even when the red signal is on at the cross roads.

Similarly let us educate children from the childhood stage itself to remain disciplined without spitting and using public places as toilets wherever they like and whenever they wish. This is the basic need of the Country. In all cities we find rotten smell in most of the public places. Red spit marks are of common visibility inside the four walls when a grand appearance is noticeable for the building outside.

Another area is throwing of waste material making the entire city as a dustbin. Waste material disposal should be a uniform lesson for all children so that the roads remain clean.

Lessons relating to these areas are to be incorporated in all the text books invariably and children should be taught as to how they should remain disciplined and how they should behave as a good citizen and this is perhaps the only solution for this ghostly disorder of life in the country.

It is surely a long rage plan but will help us to reform the future generation as good citizens over a period of time. Interestingly, our own people behave in a different fashion as disciplined persons elsewhere in other countries.

Can we do something in this direction?

Painfully yours


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
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15th March 2007
Why can’t the pontiffs help building up uniformity?
Yesterday once again the news relating to the decision of celebrating Ugadi festival was on TV. Perhaps innumerable number of the TV audience might have enjoyed the conversations and counter arguments for fixing up a date for Ugadi. Years ago, I was with one of the Jagadgurus and suddenly a servant entered the room and in the local language asked the pontiff a question as to why a uniform date for Ganesh Chaturdhi could not be fixed much in advance. He further questioned the Jagadguru as to why the Jagadguru could not interfere in such a matters of dispute and settle the matter using his position. All that agony was, he purchased material for Pooja and there was a controversy with the date and the material will not remain fresh for the next day on which Pooja was to take place as per new controversy. I could dare putting a question though I had the same question in my mind.

Kanyakumari to Jammu, majority of Hindus accept and follow rituals and respect the Vedic system or Puranaas, which are the backbone for most of the rituals and Holy festivals. Incidentally oblations are offered in different fashions at each place and more so even within the same region. Authorized and unauthorized personnel perform all types of rituals leading to utter confusion and resulting into lack of faith in the systems. I really do not understand as to why the Jagadgurus do not appear on one dais and insist for a uniform calendar throughout India and Uniform procedure for all rituals – at least on region base wherever the necessity demands. They could have established a Common University for settling matters of dispute relating to Sanatana Dharma and Traditions, more so conducting examinations and granting qualifications for those who can perform rituals. This is a point beyond power politics and vote bank technique. And I sincerely believe that this is WHAT IS MINIMUM EXPECTED OF THEM IN THE CHANGING SITUATIONS.

I desired to create a Uniform platform for many Pontiffs who have innumerable number of followers at different places and it was my trust that all of them together can resolve many issues concerning Hindus and others too. But then, it was a futile exercise, when some one refuses to appear on the stage if some other person of other branch is invited and so on. Once again, my eyes were filled up with tears of joy when the Head of Sikh Religion HH Shri Vedantiji accepted my invitation and respected the ideology behind. I could not arrange for funds for the maintenance of the Pontiffs for that one day program when some of them demanded for it.

Are the Pontiffs been given position for their comforts or for their self elevation and is it not their fundamental duty to come forward to establish a peaceful society beyond controversy? – my mind goes round this unanswerable question and my heart gains weight and my eyes fills up with tears of sorrow as to why we fail to build up a Healthy atmosphere. And, more so why two pontiffs of different branches do not appear on a common platform to create a constructive approach. If they too have likes and dislikes, what is the other alternative and who else can guide all of us? Any possible solution in the near future? – Perhaps we may have to wait silently for the time.

And, now the matter relating to celebrating Ugadi on 19th or 20th is a burning point for discussion on the TV and people enjoy seeing the TV when arguments and counter arguments go on between pundits – known and unknown. This is where we are. If we fail in such small and trivial matters, how are we to face challenges and how can we build up a Casteless society and establish only one and only one HUMAN RELIGION? Painfully yours HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
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16th March 2007
I am noticing quite a good number of enthusiasts for contesting in the elections in the recent times. I appreciate the public intention to keep themselves in the leadership positions. But then, I feel sorry and very bad to look at the shabby walls of public places and even private houses too covered by the handouts, stickers, wall posters and what not. To the extent of contesting in the elections if appreciated, what answers do we have for the ugly and indecent propaganda. What problem does the election commission have to restrict such campaigns and keep the public places clean and neat? It is beyond imagination for any one to assess the individual losses due to this, for the simple reason, soon after the election campaign the owners of the buildings struggle hard to remove the stickers and get their walls repainted and pathetic it is, another election campaign either for local bodies or for State bodies or for central bodies – what not, again starts.

The most important point in the election strategy is, yet, another interesting thing. In a recent election campaign, for just one single seat, there were 60 contestants. Assuming for a while that there are hundred voters in that constituency, 40 votes will be a deciding factor to elect a candidate. It is likely one candidate may get only 3 votes while the rest others get two or less. Invariably, the person who could get only 3 votes gets elected irrespective of the intentions of the majority of the voters.

Keeping these two points in view, I suggest the Election Commission to give clear guidelines to all those who desire to contest, that the candidates shall not under any circumstances cause or damage the public places or private properties either with their campaign stickers or wall posters etc and in the event of some contestant doing so, he shall be disqualified for the candidature.

The second is a sensitive point where most of the political parties need to be taken into confidence for implementation. The candidates who desire to fight the election should be preferably from the National Parties. In the event of anyone contesting the election as an independent, he should be able to mobilize from his supporters or meet the deposit amount on his own, the deposit amount being a huge sum where an individual fancy contestant can not bear on his own. In the event of loosing the election, such independent candidate should wait for a clear year to get back his deposit amount. This may help reducing a number of candidates contesting the election as a matter or fancy or for a division of votes on the basis of caste based politics.
Probably we may help quality based leaders from a selected small lot. The future leaders may at least acknowledge that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
Yours affly HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI ____________________________________________________________________WISH YOU ALL HAPPY UGADI –THE HOLY NEW YEAR


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
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13th March 2007

Today I am forced to compose this page as an additional page for the book which is being written by me in the name of “The Reforms I expect in India – The Next Generation”. This is just because I saw a news items just now, in one of the popular local language papers of Hyderabad which has incidentally highlighted Aswamedhayaagam which is taking place some where in Jaipur in Rajastan. I really felt for sometime as to why the same local news paper could not high light the same activity “Sri Aswamedhayaagam” which took place just a few kilometers from the main office of the paper when I took all pains to perform the same in the month of December 2005 inviting great rishis. But then, my agony is that the MEDIA could not make even Local Hyderabadis to know better about the Yaagam in December 2005 and now an activity which is taking place somewhere in Jaipur is highlighted in the local language. I appreciate surely the publication of the news items today since constructive activities are much needed to be brought to the notice of the public than news concerning momentary pleasures and cheap incidents which has absolutely no relevance to constructive path of human life.

INTERESTING IT IS- But again, an activity of National Pride – honoring a scholar in the name of MAHAA KAVI KALIDAAS with Mahaa Kavi Kaalidaas Gnana Ratna Award, took place in Hyderabad when the Hon ‘ble Home Minister of the AP Government Shri K Jana Reddy presided over it on my invitation. This should have been a National Level Event at least after noticing the news when an idol of Mahaa Kavi Kaalidaas was installed in the Capital of China. I really shed tears on the day when I read the news of installation of an idol in China and felt sorry as to why we could not honor Great Poet of this land when neighboring country preferred doing the same.

I am a small man but within my limitation I requested the Hon’ble Home Minister and a group of persons unanimously selected Shri Pullela Sri Rama Chandrudu to receive this great honor. The award function took place on 8th December 2006 in Hyderabad. The entire expenses for the award or for the function were borne by me personally.

I had sent a fax to almost all news papers requesting for publication of the news as a news item so that there would be a good gathering in appreciation of the activity. Excepting one or two small news papers, media did not come forward to publish the news prior to or after the honor to make public know about the importance of the Award or Great Poet. I had a practical problem to convince the media about the importance of the event. A few attended who could be contacted by me personally, but then the public remained unaware of the program. And a Great Event was concluded with a meager attendance. Is the Media thought the resultant attendance fair and reasonable – I have to leave this question for the self analysis of the Media and Media People only. Had the Hon’ble Home Minister been not present, probably one or two small news papers which have published this event, might preferred to skip this news and this is what is going on – don’t we agree?.

I really do not understand as to why the MEDIA fail to give weightage to such events of National Importance. Is it on account that the program arranged by an Ardhrite? Or is it because it is arranged by an ORDINARY Citizen who has no political affiliation etc? Or is it for any other reason beyond description on this paper? A small incident would have been given more importance than information relating to a constructive activity of National Pride – where are we and where do we and the Media stands?
I have no other option than to leave the answers to the judgment of the readers. The fact remains – I shed tears and I am shedding tears as to why we fail to construct a Healthy Nation and a healthier Citizen who remains helpful in the Nation building activities.
Painfully yours


Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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14th July 2007 SURYAKSHETRA 301
What this little man speaks……………………………………………………
For reasons beyond my control this paper did not appear in front of you for the past I believe six months or so. So also “Dr sesha Sai’s Believe it or not” has taken much time to come to you. Any way I do not know whether it shall be proper on my part to write on “food grains” as each of us knew what it is. However some instances have come to my notice on seeing which I could not but write this.
I may have to take up sacred “Fire” initially. As a nitya agnihotri, I love “Sacred Fire” and I call Fire as “Sacred” for the simple reason that the CIVILIZATION STARTED only with fire. Looks amazing, but soon after getting usp from bed in the morning, every one of us have to go for Fire for making a cup of Tea or Coffee or for preparation of food. The word “food” is associated with “existence” and some of you might be remembering my first letter way back twenty years ago or so where I mentioned a quote “Hunger makes hard beans sweet”. Any “life” on the earth is associated with food. The fact remains, most of the human beings selected “food grains” and its other “forms” as main food.
May be, you are all aware that Lord took lot many pains for creating the “food grains”. Imagine once, the land to be ploughed, seeds to be planted, nursed, it should come up safely and flower, bear fruit- this is one part, the next part being, collection of the grains from the field by the farmer, middleman, wholesaler, retailer and ultimately a few grains to our house and out of which a very select few to our food bowl or meal plate. Millions of insects help in this process, besides timely rains, water resources, friendly attitude of nature and so on. Thus I BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD ACCEPT THAT there is a great story behind a fistful of food we eat. Hundreds and thousands of seen OR unseen beings help us to live long and they are responsible for keeping our hunger at a far off place.
When this much story is there behind a simple “food grain”, these days whenever I visit houses, I observed children leaving lot of food items in their plates while parents remain as silent spectators. I have seen this tendency both in India and in USA too. Some elderly people, like grandparents and such others in the houses too feel like purchasing peace instead of telling children about the fact of life with a fear of becoming bad for the inmates of the houses. Please think whether it is proper for us to ignore these facts or whether it is proper for children to disrespect the food available to them. Can’t we consider this as a basic educational foundation?.
Second important point here is, there are millions of people on the Globe with hungry stomach, and please think that instead of wasting food at our end, is it not proper for us to share a part of our food with other “less fortunate” people on this earth? Does our wastage not amount to a crime against the starving stomachs? There cannot be a better donation than “ food donation”, let us accept. I shall be back again soon……HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHASAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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14th February 2007
What this little man speak…………………………………………………………………..
My dear friends and like minded persons

I wish you and ‘yours’ a WONDERFUL SHIVARATHRI and May Lord Jagatpita and Goddess Jaganmaata grant you all that you richly desire and deserve.

Sometime ago, I remember to have given some valuable information about Rudrabhishek and its results. I desire to repeat it now for the information of all of you.

This valuable information is drawn from different sources which includes 1) Rudrakaamyarchana Vidhi, 2) Yogajaagame, 3) Mahaa Rudra Puracharana Vidhi, 4) Maarkandeya, 5) Visistakalpe Sanjeevani tantra rahasye, 6) Uttara Geetha, 7) Lainge Uttaraardhe, 8) Shivatoshinyaam, 9) Mantra Maheswara Paasupata Mantra Rahasye, 10) Mahaa Mantra Ratna Kose, 11) Rudradhyaye etc. Some of you might have read book No 8 which Lord permitted me to write on the use of Mahaa Pasupata Mantra in addition to Trisula Pasupatam, Aghora Pasupatam, Navagraha Pasupatam, Manyu Pasupatam, Kanya Pasupatam, Rina Vimochana Pasupatam, Santana Pasupatam, Indrakshi Pasupatam, Varsha Pasupatam, Koubera Pasupatam etc. I have been writing repeatedly that belief is the strength of any act for any religion, for any one, at any place and at any time. Of course, blind belief is what is not wanted. These theories have basic values since the ancient Rishis and great sages of India practiced them and passed on these Amruth Phal (fruits) for the use and benefit of infinite generations.

Now, the simplest is PANCHOPACHARA POOJA. LUM – Pridhvi Tatva – Sandal Paste; HUM – Aakasa Tatva – Pushpam(flower); YAM – Vayu Tatva – Dhoopam – fragrance stick; RUM – Agni Tatva – Deepam (the holy lamp using sesame oil); VUM – Amruth Tatva – Nivedan( offering of food items) – this is the simplest of all procedures and this may at the best take 5 minutes. I believe each one of us who are surely interested in the welfare of self and the Society can spare just 5 minutes in a day for this. Those who can afford can go for shodasopachara poojas – like sixteen methods of worship.

I have been insisting for using of 11 items for abhishekam to Lord Shiva and each item for each anuvaaka. The order according to Yogajaagame is in the following manner.

Cow Milk – All-round happiness; Cow curds – health; Cow ghee – financial prosperity; Sugarcane(juice or candy) – destruction of sorrow; Honey – Tejo Vridhi; Coconut water – Sarva Sampada Vridhi; Bhasmam – destruction of great sins; Sandal wood water – Sons prosperity; Pushpodakam – Bhoolabh; Bilvajalam – Bhog and Bhagya; Doorvodakam – Nasta Dravya Prapti; Sesame Oil – Apa Mrityu Haram; Rudrakshodakam – Maha Iswaryam; Gold water – destruction of Daridra; Rice – Raajya Prapti; Grape Juice- Sakala Kaarya Jayam; Dates – Kharjur juice – destruction of both internal and external enemies; black apples – renunciation; Kasturi Water – Kingdom; Nav Ratan Jal – Dhanya, gruha development; Mango Juice – destruction of long ailments; Turmeric water – Mangal pradam and this is the order. You are all free to choose the items as per order of your choice and the first five being panchaamritaas.

You might have gone through my letter on CHEMISTRY AND MATHEMETICS OF SHIVA LINGA which threw light on a systematic approach to Lord Shiva Worship.

Wishing you all once again the blessings of Lords.

I shall be back again soon………………………………





Sri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram
Gurramguda Village, Saroornagar Mandal
Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad 501510

This venue is a socio-spiritual centre aiming at the welfare of the people of all walks of life, more particularly aiming to support the less fortunate in the society. Dedicated group of people are motivated within the past one year to distribute clothes and utensils to those below poverty line, periodically. A trail based introduction of News Paper service from the month of November 2006 in the venue, has gained attention of public in the nearby area. Three camps were conducted by eminent doctors during this one year period on a trail basis and this has also gained required attention by the people of local area.

Therefore, the Centre is aiming at establishing a permanent reading room facility providing a good number of books, in the recently modified and reconstructed building in the venue. Medical experts are being consulted for appointment as panel doctors to offer FREE service to those needy. The Doctors names and phone numbers will be displayed and those who are in need of the medical services may be referred by the centre for Free consultation. Since the centre is not having any fund for the purpose at this stage, steps are being taken to build up resources.

The centre aims at conducting medical camps, socio-cultural camps, educative supportive activities on a regular basis, basing on the financial resources.

Financial support for the fulfillment of aims & objectives is solicited.

Mrs. Padmavathy Sesha Sai Somidevi
Managing Trustee
1-9-52/F/3, MCH N0 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, Hyderabad 500020
E mail, Tele Fax 40 – 27661613, Cell 9440422613


Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails Phones 91-40-27661613 (Tele-fax), 65581368 Cell 9440422613
The meaning of Prayaschit is nothing but (Praya –sin) Chitta (destructions) destructions of SINS. As per DHARMA PRAVRUTTI of Hindu Script - by uttering of the Sankalpa one knows the SINS and the kinds of SINS so that one can keep himself away from them. I am procuring the HOLY WATER OF THREE SEAS – BAY OF BENGAL, ARABIAN SEA – INDIAN OCEAN; MANASAROVAR JAL ; GANGA JAL AND FROM OTHER SOURCES PARTICULARLY FOR THE WORLD BRAHMIN MEET IN WASHINGTON DC. Since it is of utmost importance, I suggest for making out arrangement for the sankalpa and uttering of the prayaschit sankalpa for the benefit of all those who attend.

Achaman – taking three times of the water
Mama Krutaacharita Janma Sambhavitaanam paapaanaam – astnana dosha – akaala staana – japa heena – jalapaana bhakshana – anaachara – khatwaadi sayana – khatwadhi roodha- amantra bhojana – aninditaanna – sura samsparsa padaardha sevana – patitaanna bhakshana – asatya bhashana – akaala bhojana – vaacha dosha – darpanaa darshana – veda parityaaga – veda ninda – veda vikraya – kshowraheena – drusya dosha – mano dosha- swapna doshanaam – vratollanghana – achaara varjita – paraanna dosha – suryo dayaadi sayana doshanaam – lavana, ajya, tila, guda, gandha, taila, chandana, charma, mrunmaya paatradi vikrayeshu – mantrollanghana – apavitraanna bhakshana – uchistanna dosheshu – guru ninda – guru tiraskaara – daiva ninda – matrunindaadi dosheshu – madya paana – maamsa bhakshana – asatparigraha – diva maidhunaadi dosheshu – arudra vastra dhaarana – abhodyaanna – paashandaanna – yateeswaraanna bhakshana – adhidhyanna vrata – amavasya tarpana varjita – akadasi vratollanghana – vaideeka dharma varjita – achaara heena – adharma maarga charita – guru dhanaapaharana – somalatha – anna vikrayaadi mahaa paapeshu – pati dooshana(Sati Dooshana) – Virudha dharma maarga gamana – saastra parityaga – anaachaara – anrutha vachana dosha – nishidha vastu grahana – rajaswalaa chumbana – ritu sambhaashana – gruhastasrama dharma varjitaanaam – paapaanam………………..

Pitru karma –Daiva Karma – Puna Kshetra Darshana – Puna Nadee stana – teerdha stana – grahana staana – pushkaraadi punya kratu varjitaanam – mano vaakkaaya karmabhi – ashrama dharma varjitaanaam – brahmana nindaani bahu vidha paapaanaam – astya pramaana – bhagini dravyaapaharana – brahmana dravyaapaharana – bhoomyaapaharana – danaapaharana himseshu – astya pramaana – madya paana – dushta darshana – vyardha dooshana – stanya paana – bimba darshana – vyardha dooshana – nakaamaakrita dosha – choratva dosha – asleela pathana – asleela drusya – chandaala vakya sravana – madhu maamsa bhakshana – soothikaa baanda sparsana- ritu stree gamana – asowcha bhojana sevana – adharma jeevana – dushta chintana – para daaraa chintana – himsaa jeevana – stree himsaadi upa paatakaanaam – swarna steya – asatya pramaana – kanyaa dooshanaadi – niyamollanghanaanam – samsarga dushta – kriya dushta – swabhaava dushta – ahaara sevanaadi sarvollanghana – pashaandaadi samsarga prabhruti trayastrigum sannimmittanaam sarvesham doshanaam mapanodanaardham – mama janmaabhyaasyaat – janma prabhatye tatkshana paryantam – baalya – yowvana – kowmaara – vaardhakeshu – jagrat – swapna – sushupti avasteshu – mano vaageendriya vyapaarai – rahasi prakaasecha – jnanato agnaanacha – mayaakritaanam – prakasa kruta mahaa paataka – vrataadi desika roopaati chatushtaya vyathiriktaanaam – prakaasa krutaanam – mahaa paatakaanam – mahaa paatakaadishta roopa mahaa paataka vrataadi desika roopaati paataakaanaam – mahaa paataka samaroopanu paatakaani upapaatakaanaam – sankali karanaam – malini karanaam – apatreekaranaam – jaati brinsha karanaam – agna gnaanatacha chirakaala abhyastaanaam – bahunaam bahu vidhanaam sarveshaam paapaanaam manodakam – varsha dupasista mayaa acharishya maana prayaschita saadgunyaardham –
Brahmana Mahaa Samaagama Parva dina Sandharbhe – Saagara Jala, Pavithra Maanasaroovara Jala, Ganga Jala, anya punya nadee jala Prokshanam karishye…………………


Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji 235, Federal Row Dr # 201, Collierville, TN 38017 Phone 901 592 9130 e mail, web site 23rd July 2007
Dr Sesha Sai’s believe it or not – series 18 (Factual Renunciation)
In the recent past I could not write this particular series due to many reasons. It is my desire to bring some little information to you this time keeping in view of the forthcoming Guru Poornima. I am totally afraid that I will not be able to complete this in one page as per my principle and readers may not mistake me for taking this onto two pages.
These days, may be on account of some psychological gap in our minds, most of us started accepting a saffron wearing person as a saint and started searching for some unknown peace. You all know that our weakness is somebody’s strength. Probably that is the reason many persons have come to limelight wearing saffron clothes. These days I also noticed a kind of allergy in some people, perhaps on seeing the ongoing trend, to accept this saffron cloth, which is considered as most sacred in ancient India. The saffron cloth and renunciation are interlinked. Saffron cloths are respected by most of the Hindus for the simple reason, it is considered as a symbol of total and factual renunciation.
Furthermore it is also a fact that most of the saffron wearers of ancient India could able to provide their branches of descendent. Every family in India is in a position to tell about their father, grandfather and great father and it is an inbuilt system. Similarly, most of the saffron wearers were in a position to tell us their Guru, Parama Guru and Parameshti Guru thus giving us a scope for analyzing the degree of their detachment and their history. The peetadhipatis never used to move out of their places excepting in exceptional conditions and their religious knowledge and guidance was given to public during a four month time called as “Chaturmaasa Deeksha”, in a year. In other words, they were asked to stay at a certain place of their choice every year that too during rainy season, perhaps this restriction was imposed with a view that their mobility to different places would be difficult in those periods of time during rainy season.
They were going for Biksha – asking for food - everyday to a particular family and they never used to apply soap, never take hot water bath, never use comfortable beds for their rest, never wear any ornaments, in other words, they used remain detached from worldly affairs. It is factually they, who brought laurels to the saffron clothing due to their total and factual renunciation.
My Guruji HH Shri Shri Shri Ganesananda Bharathi Mahaswamy was served with food (Biksha) and in one of the prime food items made up of bitter gourd, salt and other material was not put and it was served like that. As per the prevailing custom, one cannot taste the food before serving to a Yeti invited for biksha in the house and as such the housewife served it without tasting it in advance. The housewife casually asked Guruji about the preparation of the items and Guruji said “Brahmandam” in other words it is known as “excellent”. Later when she started serving food to others, people almost cried and said the preparation was quite bitter.
She asked Guruji as to how he could take the food without any expression or whatsoever; Guruji smilingly said that he was not aware of all that and he further said that the food was excellent.
What I desire to mention here that an actual Yeti – a Sanyasi – a Bikshu – a Sage, considers all as the Holy creation of the Lord and in such a condition he shall remain as real sage, who crosses the “taste” barriers. It is actual and true renunciation.
I met a number of sages in Himalayan ranges and particularly in Naimisharanya on specific days and if any one believes this, anyone can pay a visit to Holy Naimisharanya on Phalguna Sukla Navami – the ninth bright day of Phalguna Month which normally falls during February every year, where hundreds and thousands of sadhus/sages from all over India gather to pay respects to the holy land of Bhagavan Veda Vyas. They walk all the way to this Holy place from different parts of India. One can see, Rudravart, Swayambuva Manu final appearance place, Chakranemi (a pond, the depth of which could not be ascertained by some British research scholars). They do not bother about the roof, shelter, food, weather, clothing or any such basic needs. They do not ask for anything and they gladly accept anything given to them. I am really afraid as a small human being as to how they prefer living like that and every visitor has to salute their greatness. Naimisharanya – an ancient forest of India, well known for the knowledge treasures is situated in Sitapur District of UP.
One can also visit Raman Reti near Mathura in UP where hundreds of Sadhus stay to quench their thirstiness of Divine experiences. They live away from all worldly comforts of this material world.
One can also visit Brindavan at Mantralayam in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, where we find the Samadhi (Brindavan)-(the body buried place) of HH Shri Raghavendra Swamiji somewhere near 400 years plus ago. The Government Gazette publication of erstwhile British Government narrates that HH Shri Swamiji talked to Mr. Thomas Manro, the then Collector of the District representing the British Government, in English coming out of the Samadhi in his human form. If we do not believe in our “greatness” and at least let us, believe the British Gazette.
HH Jagadguru Shri Paramacharya of Kanchi Mutt toured almost all places in India by “foot” without taking any assistance and he spoke to the visitors in different foreign languages and record speaks that he never moved out of India, nor undergone any language courses. Don’t believe? – Please visit Kanchi in Tamilnadu for further details.
It is quite difficult for us to judge the greatness of them or identify them truly, and for this material world they are visible like some common ordinary ignorable sadhus or persons. It is for us to judge them to realize the true renounced spirits in them; I repeat that we have to judge them.
We are almost caught in an atmosphere where we find the peethadhipatis, baabas, and swamis in a totally sophisticated set up where we judge the greatness basing on their following and the time taken for taking their darshan; the amount needed for paada pooja and so on. On the pretext of establishing dharmic world, I have seen many of them touring the entire world in a class manner which a true renounced are not expected.
But the fact remains a true sage in a renounced stage can never be found in such a great atmosphere, neither they undertake pleasure travel abroad, and unfortunately we try to live in an illusion state ignoring the state of factual renunciation. Are we sailing in proper direction in locating the cream of spiritual excellencies and Factual masters who can lead us to expected destinations or are we contributing to the rich kingdoms of a few individuals in the name of Swamijis and committing a great sin? Can only a saffron cloth be our true guide?--------- it is for us all to physically verify this and judge ourselves. Believe it, there are excellent masters with traditional background and backed by History. Yours affly HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEHDYAAJI


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
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Devarishi Pitru Tarpanam

Smrutya achamanam krutva . Prananaayamya . – Preertyardham Brahma yagnaanga Deva rishi Pitru Preertyardham Deva rishi pitru tarpanam karishye.

Yagnopaveetam Savyam – DEVA TARPANAM

Brahmodayo yo devaha taan Devan Tarpayaami: Sarvan Devan Tarpayaami: Sarvan deva ganaam Tarpayaami: Sarvan Deva patneem Tarpayaami: Sarvaan Deva putraan Tarpayaami: Sarvaan Deva pautraan Tarpayaami: Bhoo devaan Tarpayaami: Bhuva Devaan Tarpayaami: Suvah devaan Tarpayaami: Bhoor bhuva suwaha devaan Tarpayaami.

Yagnopaveetam Nivithi (Like A Maala round the neck) – RISHI TARPANAM

Krishnadwaivpaayana Naadayo Rushayaha. Taan Rusheen Tarpayaami Tarpayaami: Sarvan Rusheen Tarpayaami Tarpayaami: Sarvan Rushi ganaan Tarpayaami Tarpayaami: Sarvaha Rushi patnim Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarvan Rushi putraan Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Sarvaan Rushi pautraan Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Bhoo rishin Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Bhuva Rushin Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Suvah Rushin Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Bhoor bhuva suvaha rushin Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami:
Adhah Kandarishim tarpanam- Yagnopaveetham – Nivithi
Prajapatim Kandarushim --- Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Somam kandarushim Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Agnim kandarushim Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Viswan Devan Kandarushim Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Saaghiteer devata Upanishad Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Yaagnik devata Upanishad Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Vaaruneer devata Upanishad Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: Brahma nag Swayambhu Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami: .Sadaspatim Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami.

Yagnopaveetham -Praachinaavithi.
Somah pitrumaan Yamoogiri Swanagni shwattaagni kavyavahanaaDayo yepitaraha taan pitrun Swadhanamasi Tarpayaami --- Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarwan pitrun Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarwan pitruganaan Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarvan pitru patneem Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarvan pitru putran Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Sarvan pitru pautran Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Bhoo pitrun Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Bhuvaha pitrun Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami. Suvah pitrun Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami: Bhoor bhuva sUaha pitrun Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami, Tarpayaami. Anena brahma Yagnena Devarshi pitru tarpanena Bhagawan Sarwatmakaha --- Etatphalam Sri Parameswara Arpanamastu. Punah Aachamya.
Iti Brahma Yagyaha.


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
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Yama Tarpanam
Vruddha Manuhu Slokam: Deepotsava chaturdasyaam kaaryancha yamatarpanam Krishnaangaraka Chatrudhasya Mapikaaryam tadhaivacha.
(As per the sloka we are expected to give tarparanam to Yama Dharmaraja – the Lord of Death on the dark fourteenth day of Aswayuja Maasa – a day before Deepavali. This tarpanam is expected to give relief from APAMRUTHYU DOSHA. One of the Mahaa Yogaas is ANAAYAASA Marana Yoga – i.e. a comfortable end amidst all Peacefulness which is considered as Mahaa Yoga in Jyosish Saastra. This boon can only be given by the Lord of Death.)
(Niyamastu. Dakshinaabhi Mukhobhootva Tilai savyam Samaahita. Devateerthena devatatva tilai Pretaadhipatyataha. Evam Kurvataha Phalamaaha Manuhu Yatrak wachana Nadyaahi Snaatvaa Krushnachaturdaseem. Santarpya Dharmarajanam Mutchyate Sarvakilbishairiti.)
Aachamya --- Evam. Deepotsava Chaturdhasyam Yamatarpanam karishye.
Dakshinaabhi mukhasteerne Barhishi Devateertheena tila Misritam Jalamdadyaat.
Yamam---------------Tarpayaami. Dharmaraajam ……… Tarpayaami
Mrutyum……. Tarpayaami Antakam Tarpayaami
Vaivaswatam Tarpayaami Kaalam…. Tarpayaami
Sarva bhootha Kshayam Tarpayaami Audumbaram Tarpayaami
Tadhadhnam Tarpayaami Neelam Tarpayaami
Parameshthinam Tarpayaami Vrukodaram Tarpayaami
Chitram Tarpayaami Chitraguptam Tarpayaami
Iti tarpayet.
Slokam: Yamaaya Dharmaraajaya Mrutyavecha Antakayacha, Vaivaswataaya, Kaalaaya, Sarwabhootha kshyayacha. Audumbaraaya, Dadhnaaya, Neelaya Parameshthine, Vrukodaraaya, Chitraaya, Chitraguptayate namaha
Krishna angaaraka Chaturdhasyamithi Tat tidhi sankalpa viseshaha.


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
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Bheeshma Tarpanam

Vyaasaha Shloka: Suklaashtamyaantu Maaghasya Dadyaath bheeshmaaya Yojanam. Samvatsarakrutam Paapam tat kshananee nasyati.


According to Bhagavan Veda Vyaasa Maharishi – the tarpanam is to be given on the bright eighth day of Maagha Maasa. But according to the learned scholars, this can be given everyday as a part SANDHYAVANDAN.

This tarpan Vidhi is expected to get us relieved of Sins

Aachamya: (Sankalpa)
……….Preertyardham Maaghasuklashtamyaam Bheeshmatarpanam Karishye.

Vaiyaghra Paada Gotram Saankruti Pravaram Gangaaputra varmanam ---Tarpayaami. Vaiyaghra Paada Gotram Saankruti Pravaram Bheeshma varmanam------ Tarpayaami. Vaiyaghra Paada Gotram Saankruti Pravaram Aputra varmanam-----------Tarpayaami.

Iti Tarpayet.

(Asmai Vaanyaschakalpaha Vaiyaghrapaada Gotraya Sankruti Pravaraayacha. Gangaputraaya Bheeshmaya Pradanyeeham Tilodakam, Aputraaya dadaamyeta Jalam Bheeshmaaya Varmanaha. Iti Bheeshma Tapanam).


At a Glance

Aanandaashramam is a brain child of Dr P V Sesha Sai and family and its activities started way back in 1977 when Dr Sesha Sai family stayed for two and a half years in an UNELECTRIFIED village namely SEETHARAMPURAM in Udayagiri Taluk of Nellore District along with their children in their bread earning bank job. There was no electricity, no medical aid , no news paper facility, no petrol pumping station, no phone connection, no school, no protected drinking water facility and practically it was in an uncivilized atmosphere, in spite of the fact that the village produced commercial crops for the markets of Nellore & Cuddapah Districts.

The village population, which was up to the tune of 10000 was literally in DARK and 95% of the population of the village was below poverty line. On one occasion, cholera attacked the village and the entire villagers left the village due to fear of Cholera. Dr P V Sesha Sai and Mrs. Padmavathy stayed back in the village along with their daughter, who was at that time, four years of age. That one DARK NIGHT alone in the village was a matter of nightmare for this family. Having been brought up in a City, neither Dr P V Sesha Sai nor his wife knew that the Country has Villages of such atmosphere. That was the genesis for their idea of contributing their best to the LESS FORTUNATE in the Society. Thus, their ideas took shape in the form of AANANDAASHRAMAM.

A representation was sent to the then Prime Minister after duly collecting the data of the cluster of villages for providing them with electricity and after constant persuasion and repeated visits to Delhi and Hyderabad at their cost and efforts, ultimately the Rural Electrification Corporation with the support of AP State Electricity Board came forward to electrify the village in early 1979. During 1977, 1978, a small medical shop was set up and a local RMP was supported financially to initiate setting up of a first aid unit.

Books were also donated by the couple at least for future utility and a Free Library was set up for the educational purposes of the villagers and News Paper started entering the Village through Postal service. An initial step was put up to create an atmosphere and interest amongst public for reading the National and local news.

The local wells which were the only source of water for the entire village were treated with medicines to keep away the dreadful disease namely, “Nara Kurupu”. Clothing was distributed to the poor at the cost of the kind couple, periodically.

Animal Husbandry was contacted for setting up a Free animal welfare camp for protecting the animals of the Village from various diseases.

The couple utilized their click III camera for taking the photographs of the villagers and it was an area of awe and centre of attraction for the villagers to see their photo. The twelve/sixteen photograph reels were sent to Nellore for development and printing periodically and the photographs were given to the villagers Free of Cost, though it costed the couple heavily.

Atmosphere was created to create awareness towards education and literacy amongst the villagers. Local Village Head and their family were encouraged to set up a Single Projector, Diesel Engine and a tent house for exhibiting cinema, and thus, in 1978 – the first electrical bulb was seen by the villagers of Seetharampuram.

The Villagers enthusiastically waited all the night JUST TO SEE A CINEMA FOR OVER 6 TO 7 HOURS when the Cinema tent house had a single projector with five to six intervals for changing the reels. It was an unusual and unbearable experience for the City born.

However, it was a joyous moment beyond description for the villagers, to see a movie, and listen to the loud speakers with old songs on the diesel engine run appliances.

1979 – Library Started functioning in Seetharampuram and initiation was done for a Telephone line for the village through DOT.

1980 – Free Animal welfare camp was arranged by the benign couple in a village near Kota in Nellore District.

1981 – Free medical aid camp was conducted in a Sea Coast village

1982 – Fishermen training camp was conducted since they were sacrificing their lives in Fish catching activities during cyclone warnings too- Vacadu / Mallam – Sea Coast in Nellore District.

1983 – Art Exhibition was conducted to encourage students to develop their arts and Best Artists Awards were given to the talented – Kota Village in Nellore District.

1984 – Avadhana Program – one of the top literary programs was arranged on 31st December to encourage the talents of Shri Gandluri Dattatreya Sarma.

1985 – Free Medical Aid camp and Dental Camp was conducted for the welfare of general public, besides Free Polio Vaccination Camp in Guntakal Town of Anantapur District.

1987 – Trees were planted at their Cost, on both sides of the roads in Ramakrishnapuram, Vijayawada.

1988 – “Dangerous Road Bridge” – Budameru Canal Bridge in a collapsing state was taken to the notice of news papers and this was a sensational news of those days.

1989 – Avadhana – a Literary program was conducted to encourage the best talented and it was chaired by Shri Palaparthi Shyamalananda Prasad.

1989 – Road Side Drainage canal construction, roads etc development of the Local Area was taken up successfully with the Municipal Administration of Vijayawada.

1990 – Annadaana Camp – offering of free food to the pilgrims of Amarnath Caves in Jammu & Kashmir.

1991 – Annadaana camp was conducted during November in Sivarama Kshetram opp. Satyanarayanapuram Railway Station in Vijayawada.

1991 (6-5-91) Best Vedic Scholar Award was given to Shri Kappagantu Chayanulu.

8.5.1991 – Best Stage Artist Award was given to Shri B Udaya Bhasker Kumar.

11-5-1991 – Best Traditional Ancient Stage Activity Award was given to Shri N. Mahankali Rao.

26-7-1992 – The Best Astrological- Almanac Guide Award was given to Shri Narumanchi Radhakrishna Murthy.

1992 – Elaborate arrangements were made for the benefit of pilgrims of Krishna Pushkarams in Vijayawada.

A Free medical aid camp; a free shelter on the Banks of River Krishna besides Kanaka Durga Varadhi; services of a Priest, free of cost, to perform oblations; free distribution of medicines/vitamin tablets; free residential accommodation etc. was arranged.

1992 – The first paper on the banner of AANANDAASHRAMAM was planned for documentation and presented before HH Sri Sri Sri Ganesananda Bharathi Mahaswamy.

1992 – Annadaana Camp continued in the month of November in the same area where Annadaana was conducted in 1991.

1993 – His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganesananda Bharathi Swamiji blessed the Aanandaashramam and on 5.5.1993 the name of the Aanandaashramam was written on a book.

14.8.1993 – The first documented letter mentioning the objectives and principles of Aanandaashramam were released and the original paper is still presented in tact.

1994 - Animal feed was given to those who could not afford in the villages adjacent to Agra/Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

1995 – 1996 Arrangements were done on Free Stay and Free Food basis for the pilgrims visiting Maagh Mela on the banks of River Ganga in Allahabad.

1997 – Annadaana Camps were arranged at different places on a regular frequency basis.

1998 – Student Scholarship program stated to encourage poor students.

1999 – Books on Medical sciences were printed and distributed free of cost in the educative programs of the Aanandaashramam.

2000 – Process started for bringing the Aanandaashramam onto the record and for registering the body while Annadaana program remained as an on-going program. Annadaana was performed in Naimisharanya in Utter Pradesh etc.

2001 – Free blanket distribution in the Himalayan ranges to the needy.

2002 – Annadaana was performed in the outskirt villages of Hyderabad. The first Almanac was printed and distributed Free of cost to the needy by Aanandaashramam.

22-6-2002 Ancient Hyderabad Story in the name of TARAMATI-PREMAVATHY was released to public.

2003 – Awareness programs were conducted throughout the banks of River Godavari from Narsapuram to Nasik in Maharashtra during the 12 days Pushkar period. Annadaana was a part of the program all along. This was on 31st July 2003.

2004 – Awareness programs were conducted throughout the banks of River Krishna during the 12 day pushkar period which included distribution of literature relating to oblations, distributing literature on up keeping cleanliness of the Holy Rivers.

2005 – Site for Aanandaashramam building was purchased by Mrs. Padmavathy and donated to the Ashram for construction of hostels for the aged in Toopran village of Medak District.

2005 – December, a unique mega event “Shri Aswamedhayaagam” was taken as a platform to run Free medical camp; free distribution of food and literature etc.

Dec 2005: Bhagavan Veda Vyas Divya Vibhuti awards were given to Shri P V R K Prasad IAS(Retd), Shri P Venkateswarulu, and Shri K Nagendra Rao – a freedom fighter.

PERISEPALLI AWARD from Aanandaashramam was given to Miss Aruna Bhat – A blind and physically challenged with her challenging talents in Veena - for Excellency in Fine Arts

Aanandaashramam - PERISEPALLI KUTUMBA RAO Award for Excellent Spiritual support and help to the poor to Shri Harish Goyal of Ghaziabad in UP.

Aanandaashramam Award for Commitment to the Cause was given to Shri V Mohan Reddy former MLA and Dr V V K Mohan.

Aanandaashramam Award for Community Development was given to Shri K V Rajeswara Rao, Chairman, Zilla Parishad, and Karimnagar.

Shri Kesiraju Satyanaranayana Murthy – Aanandaashramam Award for DUTY MINDEDNESS was given to Shri Kandadai Srinivasachary – an eminent scholar.

Aanandaashramam Award for Excellency in Literary Activities was given to Dr Ananta Lakshmi – best commentator.

Aanandaashramam Award for best Social Work was given to Shri K Sreenivasa Rao.

Aanandaashramam Award for the best Team Work was given to Shri K P Garg, Faridabad.

Aanandaashramam Award for the best Public Interest Activities was given to Shri Tarun Juneja of Surat.

Aanandaashramam – Shri Raghavachary Award was given to the best Medical team work and support to the poor – to Dr N L N Sharma.

Aanandaashramam – Shri B V Rajaram Award for Excellency in Account Maintenance was given to Servomax Precious Industries Ltd.

2006 – Free distribution of books continued in English, Hindi languages on matters of public interest. A venue in Gurramguda village was acquired by the Aanandaashramam for running its activities. Steps were taken to reshape the building to suit Free medical check up camp on regular basis; library facility for the utility and welfare of the villagers – initially introducing a news paper.

2006 December – A NATIONAL MEGA EVENT OF INDIANS PRIDE was organized by AANANDAASHRAMAM in the name of Mahaa Kavi Kaalidaas. Gnana Ratna Award was presented to Shri Pullela Sri Rama Chandrudu on 8th December 2006 when the Hon‘ble Home Minister of AP Shri Jana Reddy Presided over the function.

Free Text book and note book distribution program is still continuing for the welfare of poor children. This is an on-going program of AANANDAASHRAMAM.


1) Maintaining panel doctors, exhibiting their names and contact numbers for health needs of villagers of Gurramguda and other surrounding villages.
2) Maintaining a Library with a few thousands of books and news magazines to improve the literacy activity.

3) Free distribution of clothes and utensils periodically.
4) Distribution of health awareness program papers to the villagers.
5) Maintaining list of Blood donors and their group of blood and displaying them. So also, encouraging villagers for blood donation etc.
6) Maintaining list of Eye Donors and also encouraging the villagers towards eye donation.
7) Maintaining a list of service oriented persons and displaying the service need of the villagers to utilize in times of need.
8) Creating an atmosphere of oneness among the villagers irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
9) Water Shelter Program during summer 2007.
10)Bird Protection Program and creation of shelters.
11)Blood Donation and Eye Donation Movement.
Issued by
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020. Phones 91-40-27661613 (Tele Fax) & Cell 94404 22613
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Briefly about Dr P V Sesha Sai and Mrs. Padmavathy

Dr P V Sesha Sai was born in 1947 and marriage with Mrs. Padmavathy took place in 1972. He is a post graduate, a law graduate, a certificated associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, a certificated associate of United Nations International Understanding, a master of Philosophy from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and a Member of Alternative Medicines.

He worked for Syndicate Bank for over 32 years and took voluntary retirement as Chief Officer during 2001 for retaining his other part of life for social welfare activities. He was titled as Adhyatmika Ratna by a Forum of Visakhapatnam and His master Jagadguru Sri Ganesananda Bharati titled him as “Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena” after noticing his interest for Scientific representation of Vedic order of life. His master’s encouragement helped him in completing 487 Yaagas Vedic rituals - successfully for the welfare of the Nation in general.

Uniquely He performed an Exclusive Yagna and offered prayers to the Lord for the retention of the identity of his bank in 1995 when the identity of his parent bank was under threat.

His articles were accepted by Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India for inclusion in the country’s eighth plan. His articles appeared in prominent news papers of the Country, on “Consumer Protection Forum and Tax Payers”, “Imported Plastic Raw Material”, “Peoples Representatives”, “Strategy to tap rural Savings”, “Consumer Awareness”, “Poll and Police”,

“Electoral Reforms”, “Verdict of People”, “Cotton Crop”, “Temple Issue”, “Bank advances to Priority Sector”, “Facilities under HLAS”, “Tourism to Cover Balance of Payments”, “Wage Settlements”, “Customer Service in Banks”, “Improper map of India” etc. and a hundred and plus articles on local area problems are a few examples of his interest to build up a new society beyond complexities.

His interest to create a universal atmosphere for peaceful coexistence is shown in “Common Universally acceptable paper currency” which was accepted by the University of Economic Sciences, Berlin in 1985. The World Economists Forum invited him to present the paper for Universal Cause. The Contents of the Paper are presumably the resultant outcome of present Euro Currency.

“The Reforms I expect in India – The next generation” is yet another book written by him paying attention on different issues of public interest. Hundreds of books and papers written by him and published are all given free of cost by him since as a matter of principle he never intended to sell his books, neither he showed any interest for a reward or remuneration. The news magazine in the name of “Suryakshetra” and “Dr Sesha Sai’s Believe it or not” is under circulation for the past twenty five years and enjoyed by a few hundreds at least every month.


Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji Camp MEMPHIS USA Cell No. 901 592 9130 e mail web 24th July 2007

My dear friends and like minded persons
I am leaving for Dallas TX on 28th July and I will be again coming back to Memphis on 30th July. I have two more week ends in addition to this to make out my progrms to different places in USA and there afterwards I will be leaving for india from Memphis via Washington DC. I will be leaving Memphis on 18th to catch a flight to India from Washinton DC.
This is the program as per the present position and whenever the week end programs of 4th August and 11th August are finalised I will be informing you.
In the meantime please let me know anything I can do for you all.
Since Guru Poornima is approaching, I pray most respected great grand father Bhagavan Veda Vysa Maharishi to grant you all that you richly desire and deserve.
May Guru Krupa be with you and may you all prosper in life with all contentment and satisfaction.
Yours affly

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Reforms I Expect in India - Masters and Movie Makers

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji E mail: Web 12th July 2007
The Reforms I Expect in India – The Next Generation Chapter – Education System
Guru Gayathri : - Gnana Pradaya Vidmahe, mukti kaaranaaya dheemahi, tannoo guru prachodayat.
According to Indian Tradition, respecting of the master is considered to be a part of everyday duty for a student. The student may be in fine arts; may be in school education; may be of Vedic studies; and whatever is the branch of study, it is considered as a sacred duty of a disciple to bow down before his master in expression of his obedience and in quest of knowledge.
Parents are just responsible to grant stoola Deha in other words, the physical form of a body. And this is created mostly out of their pleasure without the knowledge of the results, however resultantly human beings take shape. They might sometimes, create opportunities for injecting samskaara – the finest culture into their children, but the path of life commences only when the child joins School – the Gurukulam, where the Master – Guru takes all pains to mould the mental attitude of the child, while helping the child to acquire skills in the line of his choice. Thus, he becomes a stepping stone for the bread earning activity of the child and for building up a well structured society with good conduct of the citizens.
The eminent personalities whom we come across are the resultant efforts of a master. The greatness of the master is known through the presentation of the skills of a disciple. Thus the role of a master is more comprehensive than a parent. Therefore, the ancient scriptures attributed highest importance to the master – the guru as “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswara, Guru Saakshaat Para Brahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah”
Respect to the Master – the Guru is considered as respect to the SCHOOL OF LEARNING. Well, this is what our ancient generations thought of, and what we learned from the scriptures too. The full moon day , the bright fifteenth day of Ashada Maasa – the month of Ashada is observed as GURU POORNIMA. On this day, all disciples join together at the Lotus feet of their Masters and worship him as a token of total surrender to HIM and to HIS KNOWLEDGE. The forthcoming 29th of July is such a Holy Day.
The importance of the day cannot be described on this small paper, but in simple words, I can conclude that THIS DAY IS A PASSPORT for all our achievements, our pleasures and everything in life. It is a passport to our sorrows too where some of us disowned the teachings of the Guru or disrespected HIM, disrespected his knowledge, in the past days and thus retained a position of ignorance while accepting repeated failures in life.
I have seen in many movies where the Lecturers, Teachers are presented as Jokers while some of the movie makers have gone to the extent of creating fun of the teacher in a classroom for a momentary pleasure. Some of the movie makers have gone a little beyond and created vulgar scenes too like the master misbehaving with the students in many forms. In some of the movies, it is shown as the master sharing an alcoholic drink or some such with their students. It is an accepted fact that the MOVIES have become powerful media influencing every part of our life. Most of the power politicians are from this field. If such a powerful media degrades the status of a Master, what better Society we can establish over a period of time and what culture we are nursing, and for what kind of fruits?
Perhaps the Censors cannot do anything in this area, but something has to be done immediately like movie producers association voluntarily coming up with a principle of respecting the values of Tradition and not producing any movies considered harmful to the society. The old movie makers did not got down to present level, but created a better fun useful to the society and the films were educative, informative, yet of enjoyable pleasantness. -: MOVIE MAKERS:-Let us strive hard to protect the culture and quality based ancient ideology. Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji

The Reforms I Expect in India - Chapter - JUDICIARY

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji E mail 11th July 2007
The Reforms I expect in India – The Next Generation Chapter -QUICK JUSTICE
In the good olden days, the emperors used to hear the pleas of public on specific days and used to decide the cases then and there itself. There were instances in India where the Kings were also punished by the Judiciary. The Judiciary was considered as utmost supreme. The history speaks of the instances where Judiciary was given appropriate placement in order to do justice to the public wherever and whenever needed. This approach created confidence amongst public when Judiciary was considered as immediate grievance redress machinery.
There are three systems of administration in a democratic set up like India, the first one being the Governing body, the second one being the electoral body, and the last one being the Judiciary. I have very little to say about the first two since any news paper does speak of them every day in every forum. Perhaps they have come to a conclusion that the present functionaries in the Governing body and the Electoral body are beyond repairable condition. They are inter- dependant and nothing much can be done in these two areas. The only surviving hope for the country and the countryman is JUDICIARY.
In the absence of immediate grievance redress machinery, people tend to approach rowdies, goondaas, extremists, and other agencies which were preexisted to civilization. A so called civilized society has certain coded order of life and therefore it is called Civilization.
In countries like USA, cases are settled within a time frame work and the punishments are mostly extreme while most of them involve heavy financial penalties. Thus this gives a signal to the public to be cautious since people are not prepared for financial loses. The second kind of punishment, basing on the gravity of crime, is ordering a law breaker to clean the roads, or do something useful to the public openly so that this kind of punishment is not only useful to the public, but also remains as a caution, and also shall remain as a reformation step in the attitude of the law breaker.
The appeal and further appeal, adjournment of the cases infinitely without a time limit are all causing loss of faith in the system and therefore the undesirable anti social elements are cropping up with lot of confidence that the Judiciary cannot do anything, and even if the judiciary does something nothing to worry since the case can be dragged forever and forever on different reasons, at different levels. In other words, there is no reason and scope for fear of punishment and this confidence in the minds of people is making them criminals or scope for committing crimes or for law breaking and the list is endless.
A judiciary can enter into nook and corner when an administration and the electoral cannot. A judiciary can also set right the administration and the electoral and it is the only and THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY today.
It is quite essential that a time frame work, say three months for a civil case including the period of appeal; say six months for a criminal case etc. are a must and this initial step is sure to do lot of wonders in the country. Nothing to worry much about the pending cases, the cases can be handed over to the senior advocates or retired judges who can volunteer to clean up the pending work on war footing basis. From now on, all cases can be kept open on records including the date of filing, the procedural aspects and the status of the case and a kind of transparency shall help people to know what is going on and where exactly the case stands. The system can be linked to internet too. This will help creation of confidence on the system and this will also help to some extent establishment of purity of minds. Some important cases can also be telecasted so that public can see and keep themselves confident of the available redress machinery.
The Law books says that JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. It is up to each of us to decide whether we are denied of justice or otherwise, but let us make sure of ourselves with a certain amount of commitment that we should not DENY justice for whatever reason it is.
It is obviously difficult to change the act since political interference remains as a must for it, but from legal administration angle, of course, I believe there would be great scope for such reforms provided we are committed for it.
Probably some of our children, grand children, great grand children may become the sufferers if we do not plant a seed of discipline today and it is possible only through Judiciary and Judiciary is the only surviving hope for all of us.
Any suffering is possible, for example, the houses which we are giving to children may turn out to be a liability when they fight cases years and years together for getting the house vacated by the tenant, or a criminal is given all comforts in a jail for years and years together when some of our children and grand children remains to be a sufferer all through their life and so on, the list remains again infinite. Is it not time for us to do something? Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaajji

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10th July 2007
My dear friends and likeminded persons,
I am sorry I could not write to you any letter all these days. There was some problem in internet connection and also with mail box, hence till it is solved nothing could be done, thus this delay. In the meantime I am receiving a number of calls enquiring about my stay and proposed trips if any.

I could not attend to TANA due to some communication gap between me and them. However keeping in view of likely attendance, I got my trip back to India postponed to the second week of August. And as on today I have three or four weekends and I have my plans to visit New Jersey before I leave for India.

These in between days are useful to me to complete the Holy book on Shri Aswamedhayaagam. It is my intention to clearly mention all that what has happened and how it happened during that one year of the Holy Event and whoever is responsible for its completion, and the post period of the Event. I desire that this should remain as a total guidance for the future generation whoever is interested to perform this Holy Historical Event. They should not be put to the kind of pressure, stress, agony, torturous movements etc for which I was subjected to.

The book is expected to be a jewel of its kind with multicolor printing and presentation of all documentary evidences too with relevant photographs and perhaps it may cost heavily. As usual to upkeep my principle the book shall not be kept for SALE but surely it will be sent FREE OF COST to those who get their names registered well in advance. Even courier cost will be borne by me and the book will be sent preferably by the month of October 2007.

On December 11th 2006, we honored Shri Pullela Sri Ramachandrudu – an excellent poet, scholar in both Sanskrit, Telugu and other languages while remembering the day of commencement of the historical Event a year ago i.e. 11th December 2005. Mahaakavi Kalidas Gnana Ratna Award was presented to Shri Sri Ramachandrudu. The Government too felt uneasy for having not done this on their own and appreciated our small group coming up with a noble idea for a National Pride.

This year too, we desire to honor an excellent poet of National Standard and who has spent his life and all for a Noble poetic work and we are also planning to invite a good number of poets who can present their talents in a well organized function. This again is likely to be held on the 2nd anniversary day of commencement of the Holy Historical Mega Event, i.e. 11th December 2007.

It is my desire to remind you once again about the forthcoming 15th July sadhana which is associated with Pushyami Star and Sunday on the commencement of bright Ashada Days. It is a rarest of rare kind and therefore sadhaks are advised not to get this day slipped out of their hands.

Friends, we will do remarkable things, we are committed for social welfare activities and community development works irrespective of caste and religion and let us remain in History by creating a History of our own. Let us march with this motive and support the less fortunate and it is only the aim of ours though we are small in number, weak financially, weaker in narrow thinking, weakest in self centeredness. We are not surely for any reward, remuneration or a public appreciation too. Let us strongly believe and retain ourselves with the quote “THE PATH OF THE DUTY IS THE WAY TO GLORY”